Around Sep 2012 I was hired at Michaels as a Seasonal Associate, note it was my first job so I was way to excited to work. 1st At the start I never got trained properly I just shadowed other employees as they checked out.

With unanswered questions and not knowing how to proceed from a situation I would ask my Manager for help but I was given the worst attitude as if I was ignorant the managers are rude and quiet frankly should not be working in retail if that's the kind of attitude they give to their customers. 2nd They were hiring more employees which resulted in me only working a maximum of 7.5 hrs a week to 3 hrs yet they say they cut hours because we didn't make sales.. Right. 3rd in Dec 2012 I finished working my 3hr week and was going to pick up my check on a Friday (usually get sent on a Thursday) I was curious as to what my schedule was going to be for the next week so I go in bright and early to see if the schedules were out becaus my online account was for some reason not working.

Come to find out I'm in the office with my boss and as he is getting my check I ask why my account isn't working? He responds and I quote "Oh that's odd (2 seconds later) here sign this, thanks for your work.. Bye" No notice no anything.

I feel I was wrongfully terminated and working at this Michaels location was the worst thing I have ever done, going into employment I understood that I was only temporary but the hiring manager said employment there would be permanent if they "like" me. Interesting.....

Location: Antioch, California

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I've been working at Michael's for about a year now. My experience has been awesome honestly.

It sucks that you had such a terrible experience! I go to school and I ask my managers to take some time off or work a schedule suited for me and they oblige! My managers are very friendly and helpful, they never talk rudely to a customer which is why I'm thankful that I work in such a nice area.

I hope your experience in the future goes better! It really does depend on where you work though, hope things work out!


Michaels does have a policy that employees get on the job training as opposed to "formal" training. If I notice that an employee seems not to be doing their job correctly, I talk to that employee, and then to whomever they are shadowing.

I have checked with new hires to see if this is in fact their first job, because that person could use some extra guidance, maybe shadow someone who has been here several years. It feels really bad to leave a job on upset or uncertain terms. I hope that you have better experiences in the future, and from my perspective, I feel that if my employees come to me with questions early on, it shows that you have an interest and want to do the best that they can. (I don't think anyone would know that at their first job, but it's good advice for future endeavors.) Good ones are, "What can I do to get some more hours?" "I can stay an extra hour if you need me to." "I would like to talk sometime about my progress.

Am I where I need to be?" These are just questions, again, that show your boss that you are interested in doing your best, not just showing up everyday without learning. And you want to learn, you take your skills with you to the next job, and the next, and the next all of your life.

So you want that information. I hope that this was helpful!


That is how seasonal at toys r us was, they said they wouldn't drop us without notification, go get the check, and ask why I'm not the on the schedule- oh we have no idea ask the mgr, then mgr "thanks for working for us, this is your last check" like wtf, they said I had asked a different manager the week before if they would give us notice and not just drop us, she said yeah they'll tell you..*** and that is how I learned I will never do seasonal ever again, your the grunt worker and worked harder than regular full time employees to try to prove yourself but get dropped on your *** like you don't matter and they knew!! They knew!!


That is how they operate, in Texas too. Very rude and management hires and fires like changing a baby's diaper.

They have no structure and hire you at low wages, give you no hours and expect you to sacrifice for them and they provide no hop for advancement or opportunity for it. Very hostile environment.


um..you were HIRED in as SEASONAL. You are told in writing and verbally.

IT IS TEMP and will be released after "season" is over.

wow... :roll


Read what she said instead of you assuming you know. You must work for Michael A/C as a person who comments on reviews to make your image look good. Well the internet is filled with complaints from employees blasting the stores all over the US!


That's a terrible way to get fired! but I think this is for pissed consumers not employees.


And it is for whoever are you the administrator? I think not.


I am a Michaels employee and i workd there for 7 months now. i was seasonal help too...

i was there since septemeber of 2012 after the season was over they decided to keep me.

as time went on they also said that they are cutting hours too, because of not enough sales now we have a new district mang. and ever since then we had to ask for emails or our hours got cut i honestly asked alot of people but after a while everyone has it or they use there smart phone for the discounts and now i am to the point where my boss is not giving me hours at all this is the seconed week without hours and ontop of all that the employees are not as friendly as they should be!


You have no proof of being "wrongfully terminated" ... you said yourself you were hired as seasonal help and knew that it was only temporary.

Just because someone told you the position COULD be permanent does not mean that it WILL be.

It doesn't even necessarily mean they didn't "like" you, but rather they may not have had the need for you (meaning they had all the employees they needed). As a seasonal employee, once the store has no need for you then you are no longer employed.


You *** are all missing the point here. She obviously knows she was seasonal, she said so herself.

But having a manager say to you, "Oh, thats weird that your account isn't working, but hey sign this your job is done!" is a little rude.

I have watched some of my seasonal employees just have their hours fade, until they are finally not scheduled and expected to take the hint without a verbal warning. It is so messed up.


rude is not wrongfully terminated. just saying

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