I am a frequent shopper at michaels, you may even call me a regular. I am constantly in michaels to have my work framed, I used to deal with an older woman in their framing department and was told by her that she was going to be retireing soon, but not to worry as her daughter works for michaels in the same position as her, just at another location. Once I met her daughter it became clear that she had a passion for art and loved talking about my adventures in obtaining my pieces. Truth be told she managed to get me to spend more money then I had originally planned with her enthusiasm for my pieces. But her selling techniques is not why I am writing this. She is a very nice young woman who is also very intelligent and kind, every question never goes unanswered and she will hunt down some of the hardest products to find for you if you ask. It's very apparent she loves her job. But today as I was perusing the Christmas frames I saw her being called out of the room they do the framing in by 4 managers. When she came out of the room she looked in the direction of the floor, saw me and smiled and waved and gave me the usual sign of " let me talk to these people I'll only be a sec."

What I overheard next was not only rude, but just plain mean. They were talking to her about how her sales numbers were too low for company standards and whenever she would give them what I felt was a reasonable justified answer (there really haven't been many people shopping for custom frames or in the department at all) she was told she was useless and not needed, that she didn't bring in enough money and that it was a waste of money having her show up. Even though she had her back to me I could just tell that it had hurt and shocked her because she had suddenly changed her posture from straight and upright to slumped shoulders and bowed head. I felt horrible for her and could hear her only agree that her numbers were bad. I find it disgusting that they felt it was okay to gang up on her and put her down like that.

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Doesn't surprise me.Its all greed.

Ted is a huge problem. Number 2 in company he has trained his district manager's that anything their managers say its excuses. So all problems are dealt with at store level. And if mistakes are made the stores suffer.

Upper management is a huge boys club.

Hobby lobby please come to canada.


You can't win on this d@mn site!If you write a letter berating employees, posters here will rip you apart.

You write a letter supporting an employee, and you still get verbally abused by the resident nutter, Kevin.I honestly think the admins should enable letter-writers to post their experiences here and opt out of having comments posted under their letters.

to Anonymous #929395

Obviously no one is supporting the employee, the employee is writing this posing as a customer so she does not lose her job.Once they find out that she is six years old they will be forced to fire her or pay a find for breaking child labor laws.

If you do not want comments on your review don't make a foolish review.

to Anonymous #929396

Also telling someone that they are wrong does not make them a nutter, claiming posts online makes someone want to physically abuse their family(as one user did) makes them a nutter.

to KevinRichards #929593

sounds like you are, as the other commenter put it, a nutter for sure. Did someone really post he wants to hurt his family or did YOU post that he wants to hurt his family. Mostly I think you are a lonely shitstirrer.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #929753

Nope that other poster and I were arguing and he said that he was so angry at my comments that he wanted to take it out on his wife and daughter. You are wrong about me. Disagreeing with someone does not make one a nutter, threatening to harm their wife and child if they don't like what they read online does.


Ha, that's the best response you could come up with?I know you are, but what am I?

Did you really say 'you yourself are years old'????? I'm dying here!!!! You have no right to call me little was your next line? I'm rolling.

Your punctuation sucks. Learn to write a complete sentence and end it. That should have been three complete sentences. Now the final thing is you said "your review" basically admitting you wrote the review.

What a ***.

I am sure you meant to say comment, but the truth always comes out and so will you one day.Man you are a real tool.

Okay so I forgot the word six, but if you has half a brain you would know what I meant, have mommy explain thing, where did I say this was my review, or are you some crazy person seeing things again because you were sexually abused, I like how you make up lies to make me look bad, but you look bad yourself, no wonder your mother killed herself.

to KevinRichards #929264

no one has to make up lies to make you look bad.You do that all on your own.

None of your post makes any sense at all. My mother? word six? Sounds like you are so confused and abused, you are just lost.

Coming out is hard, especially if you only, as you said, "has half a brain". You did it again! Made yourself look *** when you get mad!

So funny i can't even stand it!I have a whole group of people laughing at you now, but I am sure you are totally used to that!


If she is not doing her job she should be discipline, and what business is it of yours listening in on a conversation that does not involve you. Though I have a feeling you are the sales person posing as a customer so you don`t lose your job. Coward.

to KevinRichards #929265

Did you really say 'what business is it of yours listening in on a conversation that doesn't involve you'??????Oh my god that is funny!!!!!

You are killing me!!!!

You just keep getting better and better.In a *** sorta way

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