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I visited the Michael's at 8851 Veterans Highway, Metairie, LA and received the worst customer service from the Manager. When I entered the store, I had no idea where to find the water beads I had been looking for.

When I asked the young lady, who I found out later to be the Manager, if she knew where I could find them. She immediately, without hesitation stated they didn't carry this item and continued doing whatever she was doing. I decided to walk the aisles myself and behold, there were the beads. While I was reading another sales associate was passing and I asked her a question about the beads.

At that point, the MANAGER passed and when she asked for her assistance she never came our way. At that point I was truly $&@@?$! Told her why would you tell me you didn't carry this item. She had the audacity to tell me, "I told you we had those." When it was time to check, what luck, she was the cashier.

When I told her about her rudeness she became irate. Said I was yelling at her. She gave me the amount of my bill. As I gave her the money, she yelled for another associate to take my money.

The nerve of her!!!! She was truly, truly unprofessional!!!

I read some previous remarks made from disgruntled employees about consumers not understanding how they are over worked. I am sorry. When I come to Michaels, I am spending my money.

If employees (Managers) are not familiar with their store, they need to ask somebody. Remember, Good Customer Service!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Michaels Cashier.

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First off, your argument about spending money is flawed. It implies everyone should bend over backwards for you because you worked for money, and further implies that they are NOT working for their money.

It just kind of makes you come off as a rude customer.

Second, that manager sounds like a crappy manager. Having worked for Michaels as a cahier for a few years now, I wouldn't tolerate that behavior from anyone working with me, let alone a manager who is supposed to be an example to employees. Sometimes you really are better off asking a lower level employee, someone who works the floor every day and knows where everything is. I admit, I barely know where anything is at my store, because I never get to work the floor.

But I have worked the floor in two other locations and could track down just about anything. If I didn't know?

That customer was taking a journey with me. We'll find it together, and I'll let you in on coupon secrets along the way.

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