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From the time you walk through the doors in the local Bozeman MT Michaels, you feel completely unwelcome, the unhappiness is so evident. Then, you will wait in a long line to pay for merchandise from other countries which is horribly overpriced.

The customer is lured in with the allowance of One sale coupon per week, while you will get a reasonable price after the coupon, everything else is way over the competitors price. Don't even try to return an item, even with a receipt, the hassle is not worth it. Throw out the item, apparently that is what they do anyway.

Which is why Michaels makes shopping there an uncomfortable experience. Turn and burn, baby.

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Michael's is waaaay overpriced. That's the reason they don't post their prices online, so you cannot price compare.

They hope you will come in person and be too tired, pressed for time, lazy even to leave and go elsewhere after the shock.

In many markets they are literally the only game in town unless you shop online. Other markets may have very limited competition in the arts & crafts retail sector so this strategy works, in these markets.

I've never really had a bad experience at Michael's but unless I know I'm getting a good price I usually just walk around to get inspiration and make my actual purchases elsewhere as their prices are too high.

The arts & craft retail sector is well served where I live so Michael's has some real competition. Here in Toronto we have significant chains like Curry's, DeSerres, Midoco, and Aboveground just to name a few, not to mention a ton of independent and smaller chains, all of which offer better prices which are freely advertised on their websites.


If the prices are higher than competitors, they have long lines and treat you rudely why do you keep returning?


Maybe at the store you go to but our location in Cincinnati you get a coupon everyday via email, returns are NOT a hastle they take no more than one minute and you can always bring in a coupon from other stores such as jo Annes fabric, hobby lobby etc, and use it as a competitor coupon. And we treat our customers with nothing but respect.

to Anonymous #1026935



I worked at Michael's as well as being a customer. If all you Michael's lovers could comprehend what you read, I specifically complained about the service in Bozeman.

And if you haven't figured out that the pricing policy for the company is a joke then you are just not owning up to the bait and switch policies.

And could all you loving haters learn not to judge? Peter will teach you.


Michaels is soooooo over priced


I am a Cashier at Michael's for over a year now. I do hear a lot of complaints from co-workers as to how the store is ran.

Some say the management skills are lacking. I tell them that I've worked for the Welfare department for 20 yrs. Nothing compares to the stress level i once endured.. People have ONE bad experience, and want to blame all of the Michael's stores.

The customers that frequent our store seems satisfied... customer service and keeping the store clean and organized are the top priorities.

Norton, Virginia, United States #875493

I don't know what the *** you are all talking about.. I have been with Michael's for 2 years and I love my job.

Don't blame the entire company for the poor management of one store. At every store you should understand that we deal with the public (same people that go to wal-mart) and we are expected to make it a perfect environment. Most,but not all mothers who bring their children seem to give up on discipline in the store. I had two kids sitting in the drive aisle today who also picked up everything they saw and put it down wherever they got tired of looking at it.

The coupon policy is exactly what will go into the system. If yo have an entire purchase coupon and a regular priced item coupon and a coupon specific to an item, you should have no problem using all three if you have that specific item, a different regular priced item, and other items that qualify for the entire purchase coupon. If you read the exclusions and policies you should have no problem... Everyone is too lazy to read.

I deal with people who seem to think the framer's get commission.. Nope. Framers are paid hourly and we don't care how much you spend. We care about preserving your artwork and memorabilia for generations to come.

That is the job of a framer. If you don't enjoy the store, then smile. If you have a bad attitude to the workers, they will probably have one too..

Ever heard of the golden rule? :)

to NewManager #896901

Exactly.. There's one elderly lady that shops at our store, at least once a week.

Talk about grumpy.. sheesh. She complains about everything as soon as she sets a foot inside the door. People like her will be unhappy with any store, and I'm assuming she's just unhappy in life, period.

We still treat her with respect. I smile and tell her to have a nice day.

to NewManager Grandville, Michigan, United States #1060690

Here here!! I have been working at Michaels for a while now and the only thing i have to even slightly complain about is maybe a tad better pay or some poor management choices but other than that Michaels is a great place to work.

I majorly agree that People need to remember to use their reading skills.

All of the excludes for the coupons are very clearly stated!!! Yet i get four or five people after only being there and hour who make me put things back because they did not read the fine print!!

Sandy, Utah, United States #852650

I find this all quite interesting. I work for Michaels and I have for 16 months.

I have been a customer of Michaels for years. The coupon policy has always been the same, one coupon per customer per day. Some cashiers will "try" to take more coupons but only one will scan in the system. The policy has not changed it has always been this way.

Joanns that takes all the coupons will not stay in business for too much longer, they are losing money in every transaction. The whole made in China thing makes me laugh, what store isn't everything made in China? What store doesn't mark prices up? Every return is accepted unless of course you have returned tons of times without a reciept.

Every store instead of following all policies make up there own, this way everyone compares one store to the next and we hear but "store" so and so will do it. Michaels is alloted so many hours depending on their sales, if sales are low, hours are cut, with less customers you don't need tons of employees.

I just think this is a place to complain. At least you have a job and if you don't like stuff made in China, quit shopping at Michaels or everywhere~~~

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #796728

Worst job experience ever! No training.

If you can't restock fast, forget it.They favor younger workers.

Worked one day a week and was blamed for misplaced stock. Manager was a bitter woman with zero people skills.

to Diane #820672

Favor young workers? Thats a complete load of ***....I'm 10-20 years younger than most of my coworkers and theyre the ones who get all the hours!!


I've never ever had a problem at my local Michaels! I even did a return recently and it was very smooth and simple.


Sounds like you had attitude before you ever stepped foot into a Michael's store. If you do not agree don't shop there.

Even if it wasn't overpriced or made in another country I'm sure as a group we will find something else the matter. Calm it down. God.



What a crock of ***! Obviously, you tried to return some old merchandise and looked like a fool because you didn't read the return policy! *** people ARE UNWELCOMED in most stores because the associates are sick and tired of dealing with self centered morons like yourself.

to Anonymous #758839

see :grin

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #688211

Honestly I love working at Michaels. I look forward to my day of work and I try and be happy and cheerful to all customers even if I had a bad day.

Yet when I tell a customer we dont carry a certain item they are just like "fine! you dont want to help me ill go some where else!" A few weeks ago I had a customer yell at my 17 year old face because she couldnt use a coupon on her clearance item. She continued to call our store untrustworthy and their employes brain dead. She yelled at the customers behind her about how crappy the store was.

When she left the customer behind her was very considerate and told me not to cry cause it wasnt my fault I had to deal with that, I was just doing my job. And to the people complaning about cleaning not being in their job description- You applied there and they dont have a set crew for cleaning. If the bath rooms are dirty you clean them, if theres gum on the floor you scrape it up. Dont complain because your trying to make your store nicer for the public.

The people I work with are wonderful and Iv made lots of friends and we always have each other back and will be there to price check or take a call.

I have been working at Micahels for a year now and its a good job for someone my age. Ill be working there till I go to college and then by then ill have two easy years of sales experience on my resume.


It is true. Returning items at Michaels is awful.

I can't imagine that this chain is going to stay in business very long. It can't compete with the prices and reasonable return policies of the "big guys" ...they are mega stores for a reason!

to Anonymous Woodland Hills, California, United States #873243

You people are alllll so aggravating. I'm a cashier at a Michaels and its a good store....if you have an issue with it it's a personal one.

We ALWAYS do returns even if you don't have the receipt its just at a lower price and you get the refund on a gift card.

Were always quick to check you out because we have to have an average of 1.5 minutes or less a minute per checkout (in California at least) everyone is always super kind and helpful even though we hate your guts cuz your a hater who talks smack about us and what we do on sites such as this one. get over it.

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