Do you feel a customer has to respect you. They don't.

But check out your employers Mission Statement. It will say to help the customer. If a customer is disgruntled, then it's up to you. The employee to handle it.

And defuse the situation. Most customers are upset about a product or something they didn't understand might go wrong with a product. Let's just use framing as an example. If you give attitude in any way; ie..

Body language, facial expressions or wanting to argue. The situation will escalate out of control. "I'm sorry" and "I'll look into it"or "I'll find a supervisor to look into it"(EVEN IF YOU DONT MEAN IT OR EVEN DON'T PERSUE THE PROBLEM FURTHER) will defuse the situation. Never show attitude to someone who is already upset.

Human nature shows this will usually lead to an argument and harsh words. Defuse any probable problems. Then after work go somewhere you can relax and voice your frustrations to a friend or even to yourself. Keeping things that bother you inside will just get you angrier and angrier.

Posting your frustrations may help. But if others don't post or post and disagree with your thoughts it will make you even more angry. Remember in the end "It's just a job." There is so much more to your life than this. Your anger over something in your career will eventually overflow into the rest of your life.

I've been in your shoes plenty of times. Don't allow it to control you.

I hope this helps. Or maybe just say "f**k it".

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1201121

SERIOUSLY!??! The "CUSTOMER" doesn't have to "RESPECT" you,but you have to respect them!

I think umm....NOT!! Don't have an attitude that YOU are the "ALMIGHTY" and "YOU" might just get the respect you want!!

You have to GIVE respect in order to RECIEVE respect!!!! Smh......

Houston, Texas, United States #1180613

lol, I didn't get past the first sentence, nor do I care, too. As a customer if you want good service...don't be a d*ck.

Then you will be sort of respected.

Well, not respected, but delt with accordingly. Some douche in a suite wrote the mission statement not the person paid minimum wage to watch your petty a** throw a tantrum.


I used to work for Michaels and one thing I will say is if a customer is being abusive, no way would I ever kiss their ***. Granted, customers rarely tried to give me problems as I am a 6' tall chubby and jolly bearded fellow, but many would try to bully my young female coworkers over things like being expected to not skip the line of people waiting to check out because they're super important, or expected to understand 40% off one regular priced item doesn't translate to "everything everywhere is half off."

So in response to the beginning of this comment, on the rare occasion I'd get a rude or disrespectful customer, I refused service and my manager backed me up on it.

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