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Coupon acceptance policy

What exactly is the policy for using multiple coupons in a single transaction (including competitor coupons)?


to touch up in the previous comment, a customer can use a michaels coupon that is off ONE regular priced item once per day. it will come off the highest available item automatically.

this type of coupon may be only used once no matter the percentage off. for ex: you may not use a 50% off coupon and 40% because our system only knows to take the higher one. you may use a michaels coupon in addition only IF it is 20-25% entire purchase including sale items, since it is off your purchase and considered a different type of coupon. for competitive coupons, we can take them when they are off of one regular priced item and NOT off of total purchases because we can only manually take off a percentage of one item, not the entire purchase.

you may use the competitor coupon and michaels as explained above together as well. i hope this helped!


Basically you can only use the 40% off, or whatever discount, a regular priced item coupon once but you can also use the coupon, if there is one, that’s overall the entire purchase.


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