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I was working on a project and realized I had forgot a few things, nothing big total purchase was under $20 so I thought this was the perfect time to try out Michaels new service.

I placed the order at around 10 to 10:30 and started working on what I could do while waiting for my email. I have now reached the point where I need the items looked at the time it was a little after one. Conservatively we are at 2 ½ hours and I still have no email from Michaels, mind you I didn't get any email from Michaels the only reason I know it went through is my checking account, I did check just in case. I do think that was just a fluke on the order received email I am a rewards member and no problems in the past and none since.

I called the store and asked what kind of timeframe are we looking at I am "dead in the water" at this point and the employee puts me on hold a lot longer than it should be considering they are right in front of a computer. He comes back saying he can't find it then stops and said never mind and puts me back on hold.

For perspective I worked as a department head in a major department store and know all about company changes that really don't have any procedures set or real training given but I never ran into anything this bad.

The employee comes back and says that he will bump my purchase to the front of the line and give them about 30 minutes. I thought that sounded like a long time for what I ordered but they do get busy so I started to play a video game, worst thing ever I never pay attention to time when I do and the next thing I know its after 4 and still no email.

Now my project is going no where I actually need it that night and I am running out of time and when I called Michaels they said 30 minutes or less and its been 3 hours with no email.

Now I am just upset and have no time to wait so I just went to the store as I should have to begin with and I was expecting to see the store packed with customers but I was one of three. There were more employees than customers.

That makes this worse so I pick up the items I needed and took to the front telling them the online order fiasco and that whatever they had to do I was not going to pay twice or wait for a refund so figure it out.

Then I was told the order was filled and ready at the framing department so I go there and they told me it was up front and had been, she told me a time but I can't remember how long it was, so I go back up front and they want me to go back, as you can imagine now I am angry. I ask for a manager.

Now for the record I actually shop at that Michaels store a lot and never had a single problem but this was insane. First the online orders don't seem to be that important because there is no one who actually fills them that I can tell and calling in doesn't work either and going in to just pick them up myself was like I was playing a game of Who's on First between desks.

After a unhappy conversation with the manager I found that my order was never filled and that it was bumped to the front of the line but that they didn't have the time. Did I mention the employees out numbered the customers. I verified this was the case all day as well with the manager. If I wasn't in such a hurry I would have asked what needed to be done that made all the employees so busy all day but honestly it was probably better I didn't.

They did work out my online payment with what I had in my hand but all this started at the latest 10:30 am and lets say about 6 hours later. If I just went to the store to pick the items up myself, which I did anyway, I would not have been as rushed as I was.

Might I suggest this, I know this is a new service and as with all new things there is a growing period where the kinks are worked out, but I suggest that the person or persons who decided to add this service buy their groceries online.

There are employees who are just working the pick up service items and while its a 2 hour timeframe I always show up early for whatever reason and they are ready for me. The employees are sweet and helpful and informed.

That is the difference Michaels employees seem to only kind of know there is a pay online pickup service so they can't answer questions or find orders. I also think that Michaels needs to commit to a timeframe, just telling their customers to wait for an email that never comes isn't helpful. The whole point of an online purchase service is speed and convience and got neither.

Stores of all kinds can get busy but I can't help but wonder do they plan to keep the service over the end of the year holidays or end it so we are not waiting until say Christmas of 2019 for items payed for in 2018.

The adds now say order before 5 and pick up same day, well I ordered at 10:30 and the only reason I got it the same day is I went to the store and picked them out and up myself.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Take a moment consider what you are adding as far as services go and then train your employees because I waited 6 hours to do what I could have had on in 20 minutes including drive time..

I didn't like: Buy online pick up in the store.

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