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Want to buy an Xmas tree and get a %25 coupon? Go to Michaels Stores. They will tell you they are Out of Trees AND on the Back of the coupon on the bottom in tiny print Trees are Exempt Merry Xmas and buy at Walmart Lets send these Corporate A****oles a message they will understand that ripping off the public isn't cool Christmas is the worst time of year to take advantage of people and if the Bean Counters at Michaels are thinking this is a good way to Rip people off at the holidays, they need a few new Bean Counters

Product or Service Mentioned: Michaels 25 Percent Off Coupon.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Sometimes products sold in stores aren’t manufactured by that store but come from a different manufacturer and that manufacturer doesn’t accept coupons from the store which it is sold in. Not the stores but the company’s fault for accepting products from manufacturers that won’t accept store level coupons. Find another manufacturer of fake *** Christmas trees and see if they accept coupons...Michaels obviously couldn’t do good luck with that


Grow up. And if you don't know how to read, then I would suggest learning how. Every store has its exclusions.

to ANONYMOUS #1602721

She does not know how to read and mistakes that as them being crooks. Maybe mommy can help her sound the difficult words.


Yeah! Why should we have to read something in our hand like an adult? Everyone knows everything is owed to us at a discount and we should be able to make up rules on the fly for how businesses run!

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