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urchased 2 picture frames on 4/20/2012 at the store #9861 at 17700 US 281 North, Suite 400 in San Antonio, TX I decided I needed a different size picture frame on one of the frames I wanted something special for my grand-childrens picture. I went into the store on 4/25/2012 at about 5:20 #9861 at 17700 US 281 North, Suite 400 in San Antonio, TX., and ask the girl at the counter if I could leave the frame and receipt with her and pick out a different frame. She said that was fine.

I picked out a different frame and went to check out. I was to pay a difference of $10.81. Sariah

asked for my drivers license. I told her I had my receipt and did not want to give out that information.

(with identify theft, this does not seem right, I could understand if it had been awhile or I did not have a receipt, but I had my receipt) Sariah said she had to have it, I said No I did not want to give out my information as I had my receipt, she called her manager and told her she doesnt want to give me her drivers license do I use all 9's. Apparently the manager told her yes. I paid the different with my debit card and Sariah then stated that next time they will not do that and I will have to show my drivers license.

(I have never exchanged anything at Michaels before, I have never seen this girl before)

Other customers looked at me as if I had just stolen something, I asked Sariah to speak to the manager.

The manager Nicole came right over and as I was telling her what had happened and while explaining to Nicole, Sariah kept smarting off. The manager was nice and professional. This Sariah just kept on making smart remarks, The manager Nicole asked her to step away she did not. I asked the manager for the district managers name and phone. The manager Nicole started writing it down and Sariah said she is not going to give you the phone number, The manager again told her to step away, then Sariah looking straight at me said under her breath "***", I said I beg your pardon, I told the manager what she said, she said no I called you "rude". Not true she said "***" The manager then told her to go and get a drink of water.

To say I was appalled is not the extent of my feelings. This girl was rude, nasty and down right so entrench in her position she replied nasty to any customers who asked for help. What kind of company hires a person like that? Her lack of moral for her position is obvious. When I asked for her full name to file a complaint she laughed and said none of my business she can do as she pleases, that is when I asked her for her manager. (Her name tag was turned around so that you could not see her name, I can understand why). I will never shop in Michael's again. I am a designer and spend a lot of time and money in Michaels and Hobby Lobby. This type of person needs to be fired if she can't or won't do her job. We all have bad days but you don't take it out on everyone around you..

Word of mouth advertising can be the best form of advertising, in this case it is the worst. I will post this complaint everywhere I can. I have never been treated in a store like that. I was told that Michaels now tracks its customers in this manner, if this is true, I am sure a lot of people would like to know this.

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Bad experience, one employee out of many thousands. Damning the entire organization of employees working hard to provide for their families seems pretty short sighted.

Respect it for what it is a bad experience and move on.

Not shopping there is your business but asking everyone reading your story to believe that everyone in all their stores are of the same caliper is sad. Most places want your drivers license to track your refunds to make sure your not abusing the privilegethats it

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #686455

I have Never had to provide a drivers license for a return that was accompanied by a receipt at Michaels. But I have had lazy cashiers try to do none receipted returns because the barcode could not be read due to the store not replacing the register tape and the cashier doesn't want to enter the numbers individuals. Boo hoo for the people who have to work their and be mistreated by corporate because there is such a lack of low paying jobs.


I am truly sorry for your experience, but a valid ID must be inputted when you're doing a return. Just like how you must show one to purchase cigarettes or alcohol. It's our store policy (I work for one of the stores in TN).

I'm sorry she was rude to you, but no one can steal your identity based off of your drivers license number. When it's inputted into the system, it always comes up as asterisks anyways. My store will not allow a return unless an ID is shown. It's just used to prevent people from abusing the return policy, which we have a customer who does that all the time: she buys strung beads, restrings them, and attaches a barcode for a more expensive string of beads, and then makes the returns. We even had our DM send out a message yesterday about a customer who is abusing the return policy in other stores in our district and to watch out for her. She's scamming us out of hundreds of dollars right now.

All that being said, I'm sorry she was rude to you. She should have been fired on the spot. Unfortunately, most complaints to corporate go unheard. Or the managers are the one who take the heat, not the offending associate. I certainly hope that girl was fired.


I agree with the previous commenter about the associate's behaviour. Inexcusable.

That said, it is the policy that an ID must be given during returns.


I have worked at michaels for a long time now, and, the ID thing is a policy and should be stated on your receipt, if not it is in our return policy. My store will not override that at all.

Returns are a privilege in retail not a right. But I do want to apologize for her nastiness, her pay check comes from people like you, our customers. You are completely right in saying she should lose her job my company has no room for highschool drama like that. Once again I am deeply sorry for the grief this trip caused you.

I hope we can look forward to serving you again at another location! ps the manager has to give you the troublsom associates first name (last name falling under our privacy policy the same privacy policy your information goes into in our system) but you could also file a complaint on her name not being visible but her cashier number is located on your receipt..

I hope you found this helpful. And once again I am so sorry for your experience!

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