I bought 4 picture frames, but 1, get 1 free. I got them home and the corners were cracked on three of them.

Had to go back (20 minute drive). 1 check out open, no customer service. After a 15 minute wait (wanted to exchange for 3 good ones), they couldn’t do that refunded for 3/4 price. I then went and got 3 good frames.

Came back to check out waited another 20 minutes, the manager was at check out and charged me full price. When I asked her why I wasn’t charged the 3/4 price, she argued with me. I put up a stink. I’m done with Michael’s, totally understaffed.

The staff they have are clueless.

The quality of merchandise is crap and they don’t know how to treat their customers. Big box corporate America at its best!: Totsllt done with Michaels, what kind of a Manager would argue with a customer?

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hi there! fellow michaels associate - what happens when you purchase a BOGO deal, on your receipt they ring up each as half price so in the end you paid for 2 half priced items to equal 1 full priced items.

that’s how you should’ve gotten the refund as well. also when an item is damaged, we are more than happy to do an even exchange as long as the item numbers are the exact same and you have the original receipt. as for staffing, unfortunately this is a problem for all michaels stores. for each type of shift especially after morning shifts, there are only allowed one type of associate for each department.

for ex: 1 cashier, 1 framer, 1 floor associate and 1 manager. this is not the store itself’s fault but corporate for not allowing us to give more hours out.

this is frustrating for the workers too because then we get backlash from customers though we have no control over it. overall, i hope this helped and answered any concerns!


Returned without receipt or membership most likely!

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