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I just email my complaint to but felt I should touch all my basis. This was the email that was recently sent:

To Who It Mat Concern, I recently made a purchase on October 21, 2018 at store #1164 2025 Battlefield Parkway Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742. I purchased a Fall wreath that was on sale for 60% percent off Sku # 553887. Did not realize this in the store but the cashier, whom I do not have her name, charged me the Canadian price rather the United states price. I have attached the receipt and other items so that we may rectify this incompetent mistake by the cashier. Like I said I unfortunately only noticed this when I arrived back home. I would have gone back but this store is almost 2 hours away from my home. I must say that I have never had any problems with Michael's before. However, this mistake by the cashier is inexcusable. Shows me that she is not trained properly and or not paying attention. Too boot, the way she rang my purchase was messed up and she needed to start over wasting my time. She was clueless on the events happening in the store with the sale and my item was clearly marked 60% off. I would like this issue to be rectified and I want to be issued the monies I am owed. As mentioned, I have attached the information you will need. Failure to administer monies owed to me, which is only the right thing to do, will lead me to go further presuing me to take further action. I will most defiantly will bring this grave error and compliant/inquiry to the BBB, which I rather avoid. Further more, I will no longer shop at Michael's, be a Rewards Member (which is simply ridiculous being a member too) or recommend your store to friends and family. I am hoping that this hideous and incompetent issue on your behalf will be rectified in a speedy manner. Thank you for your time and cooperation dealing with this incident.


Mrs. Linda Cutone

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The cashier was not the one that made the mistake it was the computer. It seems like you have never work at retail so here how this SKU works.

The SKU for both US and Canada are the same meaning the computer knows when is in Canada or the US but sometimes the COMPANY make mistakes and it results in the item appearing in the system with the same price instead of having one price for Canada and another for the US. Also, don't expect the cashier to know all the sell that are going on at the store at all times because they change almost everyday and there are thousands of items at the store.

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