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Micheals Corp, says how much they love their employees, what a joke. they only pay minuiam wage.

after a years work if you get 17 cents your *** lucky. there are no insentives. no pat on the back for doing a good job bringing in customers cause you give such good customerservice that they come and ask for you. if your working on your birthday, and they bring you in a birthday cake, and a plant because you make their experience a wonderful thing for them.

and you ask for hours, just to be told that they cant promise you hours. they ask you when you can work, hours, days of the week, mornings, evenings, weekends. you provide them that infro. and you work for them for a few years, and you only get one day a week.

when you conplain about this they say oh well, we don't have any hours to give you. even though they know that you need at least three days a week to make your car payment. there is no loyality from them towards you in anyway. their moto is if you don't like it you can always leave.

they hire managers that kiss corp. ***, and make things miserable for their staff. if you happen to be of not real good health, and your needing time off for a medical procedure, the manager doesn give two hoots and a hollor about her staff, she cant take any time out and call ot text that employee and see how they are doing and when or if they can come back to work. we are belittled and made to feel like criminals, have to have our purses, and bags checked.

instead of doing something to detear the customers from stealing. we have to suffer because of them. that's so unfair. and they could afford to give us a raise more often, instead of the icky pizza, and pasta they provide at thanks giving.

I would not ever recommend to anyone to work for such a belittling and demeaning company. they say a happy employees make a good employee. take heed, start treating your employees kind. it only takes a few min.

of your time.

give as you want given. from a very unhappy employee.....

Reason of review: Other issue.

I didn't like: Manager, Incompetent.

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