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You don't realize when you walk into a craft store all the dangers that lurk I didn't realize that I've been going to craft stores for years I used to go to Lee Ward's crafts store but recently I slipped and I fell and I felt something under my foot but I didn't know what it was when I got myself back up I looked and I could see a fake Pearl. The cash register was near me so I asked the girl did you say that she said no and I said well the cameras probably got it right and she says no because there's no camera in that corner where you fell nevertheless I fell pretty hard below my knee.

I was at the doctor's office for something else and I mentioned it to my doctor and she said let's just do a wait-and-see and hopefully this is just soft tissue damage.

I spent the entire month of October November and December not being able to bend down on my knee to me this was almost like a job I did not file any official paperwork with any doctor's office.

I thought that Michaels would compensate me in some way but when it came down to it they stated that if you don't have any medical records the most we can give you is $100.

I was thinking something more than $100 I was seeking acknowledgement I was seeking somebody to take accountability for them not keeping their floors clean.

And also compensate me a little bit more for my suffering I think 3 months of dealing with the pain and only being offered $100 is absolutely ridiculous.

All's I was able to do was discuss this with an insurance adjuster Michaels never contacted me to apologize nor did they contact me to offer any kind of compensation either.

It's a shame because a lot of older people like to shop at these craft stores and it's very dangerous for them to do so!

I sincerely hope that Michaels learns from this and take some accountability and contacts people that are hurt in their store and compensates them in one way or another I can tell you one thing for sure I will net by buying any of my craft supplies from Michaels anymore!

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You have no camera footage to verify and no medical bills associated with a serious injury so what do you expect Michael's to do for you, other than to give you money for something that medically-speaking appears to be a minor injury? You can get a free consult from an attorney and go from there with the intention of suing them.

With an attorney you may get more than a hundred dollars from their insurance but not enough to cover the attorney's fee. Your choice.

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