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It was probably one of the busiest shopping days at Michael's. The line went half way to the back of the store..And the registers went down - - all of them! The manager and staff took charge, remained calm, informed everyone on line of the expected time it would take to fix the problem, continued to update for the half hour some of us chose to stay in the line and offered options: we'll bag your purchases and hold them for 24 hrs. They offered... Read more

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  • Nov 25
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Tried to cancel an order minutes affer shopping via email and chat. Even though the request was submitted before the order was processed, it didn't matter. To make it worse, I paid for to-store shipping so I have to drive to the store regardless. (Final crowning jewel- Amazon offered a cheaper price for item compared to Michaels Black Friday price; with better customer service.)

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I purchased a five piece canvase print for $12.00 online and took it to michaels in lakewood, co. To get sretched and framed. They had a 70% off deal going on and still ended up being $200.00 for the cheapest frame. I went ahead and payed for it not thinking about it. Well the more i thought about it that seemed very high cost. I even lost sleep over it. So i went back the very next morning to get my prints and money back( not even 24 hrs.... Read more

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So the other day I went to Michaels Alcoa. It came across the radio to the framer. That I was in the building from manager J. The framer said J was looking for my location. He said she was back in framing meaning me.. I was excited to see manager J. When she walked right by me not even looking in the framing department. I went up to say hi then realizing she was just walking by for intimidation. I mean we were just a few feet apart and she... Read more

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  • Nov 15
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The manager (Jason?) at the Pensacola, Fl, store is an absolute cretin. Very rude and unhelpful! I heard that Wayne, the previous manager, passed away. He was a nice guy :(

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Over bought for my daugter's sweet 16. Couldn't find my reciepts for all of my merchandise, they wanted to give me half price! *** No!! Read more

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I hate the Michaels in Har Mar Mall in Roseville. I always go to the one in Maplewood and they let me use coupons from Michaels and Joann together. And I always make sure both stores lets me use coupon as long as I follow their coupon policies. But today I went to the one in Roseville and the lady was so cold and said no you can't use the Joann coupon, only one. Angry I left with my stuffs but I am returning it later because Joann lets me use... Read more

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Went to Michaels to buy frames and a piece of mat board. Asked in the custom frame department if they could cut me a piece of mat board 20x28. Was told no because of liability. Seriously? She then proceeded to tell me she could for the price of the mat even though I only wanted no inside cuts. She quoted me 40.00. I left and went 2 blocks to Hobby Lobby where the lady in the framing department said "sure no problem" I paid the price of... Read more

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I am currently standing in line at your store. You have over 5 people on the floor stocking items and moving product around. I have been in line for 10 miutes with only ONE check out person. I only have two items to purchase. This happens EVERYTIME! Seriously, I have no idea why I keep coming to your store. Maybe you want to consider self check out lines for customers with no coupons, questions or baskets full of product. Ridiculous. Read more

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