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4-6 times I've gone in to get some $1.50 or $3.00 stuff and GET FOLLOWED AROUND the STORE!!! EX: One time last year I went in and the Manager was Sneaking up and down the Aisles Following me?? (She WASN'T Even Hiding this Fact from me?) I Dropped everything and Asked for ANOTHER Manager and told them what She was up to... I Haven't been in much SINCE..... & They have lost a GREAT CUSTOMER!!! ****Now I go to the $$$ Store for Everything.... Read more

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  • Aug 07
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The store in juban crossing in Denham springs Louisiana worse service ever for framing dept. no one is ever there takes weeks past date promised to get back. Management doesn't care. Never will step foot in the place ever again. Hobby lobby will have all my business now!!!

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As a cashier at Michael's I can completely attest to the fact that Michael's sucks absolute balls. Management is a complete joke. I have asked to switch positions to be on the floor or in the back putting merchandise of the shelf in the mornings or even a framer (which I was initially transferred to the store to be.) Nope. They insist that I be on the register and have THE WORST hours with THE WORST customers. Dealing with customers that... Read more

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Michaels quit asking for my email!!!! First-I don't want to say it so everyone in line hears my email address or phone number. They don't need it - it's no one else's business. Second-I have provided Michaels with my email address and signed up for the awards program and have yet to receive anything more than what I can get from the app on my phone. Third-I don't have time to spend waiting in line while cashiers ask everyone. Figure out a... Read more

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  • Jul 09
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Just went to the northern boulevard Michaels in queens, NYC. It is run by the worst manager. His name was John. He was rude, not helpful at all. And wanted to pass off the issues I had at the moment to another manager who would be in the next day. Told me to come in the next day to "deal with it" Why is Michaels run by incompetent people?

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They were out of something i needed and the girl said i should get it quicker and cheaper on amazon.. so i ordered from amazon but, she didnt honor my coupon on some other items and i just returned it and found it on ebay and amazon even cheaper than the store. I dont like michaels. Its *** and way overpriced. I hope it closes. Its pathetic people think they are crafty buying crao. It actually kills creativity cuz its such ***. You just know... Read more

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Just home from my last trip to Michaels. I had a 50% off coupon and was buying one item. Checked the price for the item on the shelf, but when I checked out with the coupon, it was $2 higher. I asked the clerk why and she said because the items was already 20% off, so the coupon didn't apply. There was NO sign or indication that this item was already on sale. It was just $2 but Michaels has a practice of this kind of deceptive pricing and I... Read more

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I worked at Michaels Midway Drive. I feel that I wasn't properly trained. On too of which I was blaimed for. When I made a mistake I was taken into the office and spoken to by my MOD and the manager. They were not compassionate nor understanding. They did not make me feel comfortable at all. They made me out to feel completley incompetent asking me questions like "have you ever had a job before?" And bringing up mistakes I made in the past, that... Read more

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I work part time at michaels as an early morning stocker. I requested time off through workbrain almost a month in advance. The manager said he cluld really use my help, so i changed my time off. I sent the modified request in, and the mod never approved it. Now, a week before im supposed to leave, my schedule shows me working MORE than i normally do. They NEVER ANSWERED MY REQUEST, and now its too late to schedule time off. Read more

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When you use the coupons it will take the discount off the LOWEST priced item. This has happened to me twice. Now I'll just use the 40 or 50%coupon with one item then buy the rest of my items separately. Read more

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