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False advertising and unprofessional staff and incompetent store manager. There was a large sign posted as I entered the store - Easter decorations 50 percent off. I purchased three large yard Easter eggs and went to the register to pay for them. Before I could say hello, the clerk at the register, informs me that the eggs I am about to purchase are not on sale. I tell her, there must be a mistake and to check that enormous sign over the box of yard eggs ( which by the way she can see from the register). She tells me it's not her problem and... Read more

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Michaels in Uniontown, PA. The workers are lazy and rude. I called to see if they had a item in stock before driving 40 minutes. First person I talked to it took me 5 minutes to get her to understand what it was I wanted. She was to be looking for it then another lady comes on the phone and ask if I needed help. I said someone is looking for a item for me. She said no shes not shes now on register WHAT DO YOU WANT? I told her what I wanted she said yeah I think we have them. I ask can you check before I make the trip and I told her I need... Read more

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On 03/18/16 I visited Michaels #5715, 5106 Northern, NY. I purchased the American Flag (3x5) on regular price $19.99. The cashier charged me $24.99 plus tax.When I started to dispute it the salesperson got very agitated and begun to repeat, if I want it or not (for $24.99)? I brought the label with the price and item description on it and called for supervisor (John). I had the weekly coupon (50% off) and senior discount (10%). I am constant purchaser in this store but no cashier before NEVER told me that I can use 10% senior discount (I am... Read more

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I am now retired and moving to the big island of Hawaii in a few months. I checked and there is no Michael's there on the big island. There are a couple places that sell baseball cards, trains, scrapbooks etc. trivial stuff. Michael's appeals to a much bigger audience than anything there. You will have zero competition since there is no store that compares to Michael's and women there like their homes to be nice too. I am taking all my Michael's stuff with me. I have been a fan of Michael's for decades, don't make me stop. I need Michael's. Read more

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My husband and I walked into the store in Colonial Heights, VA recently and were bowled over by a strong scent. Apparently, the store received a shipment of sachets. They put them on display in the back of the store, near the frames. We couldn't even shop because the smell was so overwhelming. I had to cover my face with my sleeve. I sent a note to their corporate headquarters and they said that they'd forward the note to the appropriate team member. I went into the store again today and, while the smell had diminished some, it was still... Read more

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I saw some things I wanted one time, but didn't get them b/c of price(they were on sale 40% off). Two days later I visited Michael's with my 20% coupon that stated 20% off even on sale items. Well...they took everything off sale then. Won't go back to the 20% off sales! (I don't know why I need 80 words to tell this, but I'll keep writing until I reach eighty words.) OMG-can't enter until I have 80 words. Well, I usually buy everything for scrapebooking at Michaels although I think Hobby Lobby has better sales and material. I'm making... Read more

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I was excited when i saw a coupon for 20% off entire purchase including sale items. I added 8x10 canvas and 16x24 canvas to my cart and went to check out. The coupon worked but shipping was $16! I looked and Michaels charged me oversized shipping on the 8x10 canvasas.. what??? So I chose site to store shipping. It still charged me $10.92 to ship so i said no thanks!. What a rip off. Ill stick to hobby lobby. Read more

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I think its really sad the way you bait and switch your customers. Beware, a 20% off coupon doesn't mean that really. It says on sales items, nowhere does it say not on clearance items. I loaded up a cart last night of things I wanted, 14 items to be exact and got $1.10 off. I stopped going to Michaels once before because of some shady stuff they were doing, guess I need to stop again. Hobby Lobby, here I come. Its a same that I carry that coupon in my purse, excited to go use it, only to be mislead again by Michaels. Read more

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Hi Micheal's, I was just purchased a cricut explore air from one of the micheals in Fresh Meadow. I went back to the store to return the machine after 5mins of purchase(I took the picture and have all time proof). Because I found out the box was opened when I was checking it in my car, and a few items which supposed come with it are missing. The store manger said she is not able to refund me because I opened the box. Even if I check if there is any missing thing?Even I found out you guy are selling me a used machine? A used machine with... Read more

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Do you feel a customer has to respect you. They don't. But check out your employers Mission Statement. It will say to help the customer. If a customer is disgruntled, then it's up to you. The employee to handle it. And defuse the situation. Most customers are upset about a product or something they didn't understand might go wrong with a product. Let's just use framing as an example. If you give attitude in any way; ie.. Body language, facial expressions or wanting to argue. The situation will escalate out of control. "I'm sorry" and... Read more

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