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Hi Micheal's, I was just purchased a cricut explore air from one of the micheals in Fresh Meadow. I went back to the store to return the machine after 5mins of purchase(I took the picture and have all time proof). Because I found out the box was opened when I was checking it in my car, and a few items which supposed come with it are missing. The store manger said she is not able to refund me... Read more

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Do you feel a customer has to respect you. They don't. But check out your employers Mission Statement. It will say to help the customer. If a customer is disgruntled, then it's up to you. The employee to handle it. And defuse the situation. Most customers are upset about a product or something they didn't understand might go wrong with a product. Let's just use framing as an example. If... Read more

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I went to return some flowers that I purchased and had the receipt so this should've been an easy transaction. Oh no... The original cashier that rang up my purchase scanned one flower twice and then didn't scan the actual flower, so when I went to return them, I was made to feel like I was lying about the flower that was scanned incorrectly. June, my cashier was very sure of herself when she... Read more

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My school is presenting a project for a school board member and we were in need of assistance with framing. I made my way to the location in Pharr, Tx since it's the closest location. I asked the individual in framing for some information and it was apparent that he was annoyed with my asking about framing sections. I seldom set foot in that store simply because it's too far from where I live but... Read more

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1191 the worst!!! Store management team is all crooks!!! Store manager evil! Assistance store manager is racist!! Never shop there again HR NEEDS TO GO THERE *** THAT STORE DOWN!! Add comment

I just spent $40 @ Michaels in Augusta, ME. The person that waited on me( or the lack thereof) was named Christina. She has the personality of a slug. She's snotty, rude, disgusted and totally bored with her job. Perhaps someone should look into it, fire her if she doesn't want to be a people person and give the job to someone who not only would respect the people that are paying their wages but... Read more

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i wondered why they had me pay $8 for shipping, figured my order would be here sooner. wrong! my items came in a week later than they should have and in THREE DIFFERENT boxes? one of which was a 12×16 shipping box for ONE pencil. and the item that should have been in a box was in a small envelope instead, needless to say, smashed up. i am super upset by the lack of consideration for a product... Read more

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Between parties and my kids' school projects, I shop at Michael's almost once a week. For years, sales clerks and managers have been quite friendly and always honoring coupons, even allowing my children to use their own 50% or competitor's 55% coupon. If my kids have chosen to spend their own money, they should be treated as a customer and coupons honored. Apparently, Mark, the store manager at... Read more

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attempted to return an easel on 12/29 that I received for Christmas. I was given 59.00 credit for an item bought one week prior at 179.00, and on the shelf day of the return for 199.00. I asked for the manager who was insultingly dismissive, and then threatening. The easel had not even been out of the box!!! I am generally a clam person and known for being very good at handling difficult... Read more

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Incompetent and rude cashier at Michaels store #5049, this overly chatty older woman called her "friend" from further back in line to cut to the front, whereupon she spent five minutes talking to her and held up the whole line. $3.99 items in display marked 50% rang up at $2.99... That math just don't work. When I went online to inquire - there is no way to contact anyone except a corporate 800... Read more

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