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I've had many many bad experiences with the Michaels store near me & I always let it go until now. I've decided to let others know how bad their customer service is. Today, I came in 15 minutes before closing & I wanted to make sure I find what I needed fast. I stopped an employee & asked her where I could find some cake decorating tips. She told me to go to the back of the store on the left & walked away. When I located the tips, I saw a... Read more

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I went to Michael's in Waco Tx today searching for wedding items and got no assistance at all. I asked a lady where was the wedding decorations at and she flat out ignored me. Me and my mother went to find it without her help. When we get on the isle still no assistance but the woman felt the need to walk back and forth as if we where going to steal an item. If she would have asked to assist us she would have made a great profit for the store.... Read more

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I go to Michaels at least 2 times a week because I need art supplies and the store is very close. But every time I go they ask me for my Email address which is a real pain. Please, please stop asking. I hate to say no to the clerk because I know it's their job. So Michaels please see if you can take care of the problem. Or I'm afraid you will have many angry and upset customers. Get with it. And that's all I have to say, except I need... Read more

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Good sale, for a 24x24 canvas that is only 7/8 inches deep, the price total is $5 with coupons but then they are charging $11.94 for oversized shipping. And if I add another of the same canvases to the order, (7/8 in deep, few ounces more), the total is $10.98 for canvases, WITH $16.93 shipping. For 3, $16.17 for canvases, $21.92 for shipping. For 4, $21.96 for canvases, $26.91 for shipping. They are only 7/8" deep, and a few ounces each why... Read more

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This Michaels store (location between Trader Joes and Staples) is a RIP-OFF. I had bought 4 plastic boxes, 2 higher priced latching style, 2 not latching style. I returned the 2 non-latching ones but the cashier took the 2 lower priced others off the receipt instead. You could see just looking at the boxes,they were not the latching style. She called her manager who refused to acknowledge that the boxes sitting right in front of her did not... Read more

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I was in the store for not eve 10 minutes just picking up coloured pencils and a colouring book. It was my turn at cash and I was completely ignored by the cashier because she was too busy talking to a co-worker about a boy and what date the co-worker should go on. I she wasn't paying attention when she started ringing me through and rang an item through twice so I nicely said "excuse me I believe that rang through twice" she was obviously mad... Read more

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False advertising and unprofessional staff and incompetent store manager. There was a large sign posted as I entered the store - Easter decorations 50 percent off. I purchased three large yard Easter eggs and went to the register to pay for them. Before I could say hello, the clerk at the register, informs me that the eggs I am about to purchase are not on sale. I tell her, there must be a mistake and to check that enormous sign over the box... Read more

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Michaels in Uniontown, PA. The workers are lazy and rude. I called to see if they had a item in stock before driving 40 minutes. First person I talked to it took me 5 minutes to get her to understand what it was I wanted. She was to be looking for it then another lady comes on the phone and ask if I needed help. I said someone is looking for a item for me. She said no shes not shes now on register WHAT DO YOU WANT? I told her what I wanted she... Read more

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On 03/18/16 I visited Michaels #5715, 5106 Northern, NY. I purchased the American Flag (3x5) on regular price $19.99. The cashier charged me $24.99 plus tax.When I started to dispute it the salesperson got very agitated and begun to repeat, if I want it or not (for $24.99)? I brought the label with the price and item description on it and called for supervisor (John). I had the weekly coupon (50% off) and senior discount (10%). I am constant... Read more

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I am now retired and moving to the big island of Hawaii in a few months. I checked and there is no Michael's there on the big island. There are a couple places that sell baseball cards, trains, scrapbooks etc. trivial stuff. Michael's appeals to a much bigger audience than anything there. You will have zero competition since there is no store that compares to Michael's and women there like their homes to be nice too. I am taking all my Michael's... Read more

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